1. Return according to customer needs (return goods because of dissatisfaction)

All purchased items can be returned within 3 days of receipt (unless otherwise stated). We only accept returns for products in their original condition, with purchase invoices and unused products, including:

  • The packaging is intact and the packaging is not dented.
  • Warranty stamps/cards, brand stamps, technical instructions and accompanying gifts (if any), etc. must be complete and intact.
  • Not dirty, scratched, damaged, strange smelling or showing signs of use.
  1. Returns are not due to subjective reasons from the customer

  2.1. Delivered goods are not new, not intact, have wrong content or are missing

Bao Long Pharmaceutical encourages customers to check the external condition of the box and product before payment to ensure that the goods are delivered with the correct type, quantity, color according to the order and the internal condition. outside is not affected.

If this is the case, please refuse to receive the goods and/or immediately notify the customer support department so that Bao Long Pharmaceutical can have a timely solution.

In case the Customer has paid, received the goods and then discovers that the goods are no longer intact, have the wrong content or are missing goods, please take a photo of the product and send it to Bao Long Pharmaceutical’s mailbox for support. Next steps such as exchanging/returning goods or sending missing products to you…

After 48 hours from the date you receive the goods, Bao Long Pharmaceutical has the right to refuse support for complaints according to the above content.

2.2. The delivered goods are defective

When you have problems with a product ordered from Bao Long Pharmaceutical, please take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Check the integrity of the product, take a photo of the defective product.
  • Step 2: Please contact Bao Long Pharmaceutical’s customer care center for confirmation.
  •  Step 3: Within 03 days of receiving the goods, if you receive confirmation from the customer care center that the product has a technical error, please immediately access the Return Instructions to begin. return process.
  1. Refund method

Depending on the reason for returning the product and the quality assessment results at the warehouse, Bao Long Pharmaceutical will have refund methods with details as follows:

  • Refund using cryptocurrency code used to purchase new products
  • Change to new product of the same type
  • Transfer via bank according to the information provided by you
  • Particularly for orders paid via international credit card, Bao Long Pharmaceutical will apply a refund to the cardholder’s payment account.
  • Cash refund directly at the office.

For any further details or questions, please contact Bao Long Pharmaceutical via the support phone number or leave a message on the website.

Bao Long Pharmaceutical would like to thank you!